Hey there guys! Mailbag time! Got a bunch of questions, most of them discussing points from various games in the series, including the upcoming Zelda Wii.

Here are the questions and their timestamps:

(00:06) – What do you think of Link being older in Zelda Wii?
(02:17) – Shouldn’t there only be one timeline after the events of Ocarina of Time?
(03:40) – What do you think of the idea of the Temple of the Ocean King/Tower of Spirits in PH and ST, and should it be improved?
(05:44) – What’s the chance Nintendo will make a prequel to Majora’s Mask?
(06:33) – Do you think the Hero’s Shade in Twilight Princess is the Hero of Time?
(07:40) – What’s the most annoying dungeon you’ve ever played in any Zelda game?
(09:40) – What’s your favorite overworld theme?

So, I’m curious. What do you think of the prospect of a mature Link in Zelda Wii, one older than we’ve seen before? Oh, and hell, which game has your favorite overworld theme, and which dungeon do you find most annoying? I’d like to see if you guys are like me or not (I’m betting on not, haha).

Anyway, be sure to send your questions to “xx5terrorlord@earthlink.net”.

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