Hey guys! Finally got you a new mailbag video! Sorry for the wait on this, we were trying to get a new camera working and things didn’t really work out so we had to fall back on the old one. Again, sorry for the wait and hopefully there won’t be such big gaps in the future.

I cheated more with the music by the way. Might as well accept this as a regular occurrence. Haha.

The questions answered and their timestamps are:

(00:23) Why are there no Zora in WW and why did they evolve into the Rito?
(02:21) Is there going to be voice-acting in Zelda Wii?
(03:50) Would you like old items to return in Zelda Wii?
(05:44) Do you think there is a master timeline kept by someone?
(07:12) Do you think some of the Zelda games were thrown together quickly?
(08:29) What are the top 5 things about Ocarina of Time that make it the best Zelda game?

Be sure to send your questions to xx5terrorlord@earthlink.net so they can be considered for the next mailbag! Try to send them in through email, too, please. It’s hard for me to find them in the comments. ^_^

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