Hey, new Curiosity Shop video! Told you I’d still be doing these. And you didn’t believe me. You meanies.

This time around I answered many more questions than usual. Eight questions! Although two of them are asked by the same person… Heh, is that cheating? Hell, there’s another count of cheating in this one, all the Metroid Prime 2 music in the background instead of Zelda music. Here’s the timestamps for all of the questions:

(00:17) When is Zelda Wii coming out?
(00:59) Will motion controls for Zelda Wii be a pro or a con?
(02:26) Is the Light Force related to the Triforce and why does it only appear in the royal women?
(04:00) Should they remake old Zelda games?
(05:09) Why did the Gorons survive the flood in WW?
(06:37) Should there be a magic meter in Zelda Wii, and do you think the Hyrule Castle statue in WW is the Hero of Time?
(08:33) Should they release spinoff 2D games on WiiWare?

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