Axle the Beast is back at it again with the second addition of the Curiosity Shop, a video Mailbag for Zelda Dungeon that hopefully will become a weekly stable here at the site. This time around he answers five questions in his very Axle-ish form. Listed below are the five questions along with the time-stamp as to when they appear.

(0:35) What graphical style would you like to see in Zelda Wii?
(2:40) Do you think there is going to be a 2-player Zelda game?
(4:18) Do you think there are going to be different weapons in Zelda Wii?
(6:40) How is it going to improve Zelda (Wii Motion Plus)?
(9:10) Which incarnation of Ganondorf do you think is the scariest?

For next weeks mailbag feel free to send in any and all questions to Axle himself. Just send off the e-mails to Also, be sure to subscribe to the Zelda Dungeon YouTube Channel where you can get all the latest video mailbags. Let us know what you think about the video mailbag by posting in the comments below. Any suggestions and constructive criticisms are very much welcomed.

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