Curiosity ShopSo here it is, guys, the last Curiosity Shop before E3! Next week’s going to be one hell of a party, expect some big things! Until then, I’ll try to keep you satiated with some discussion videos.

The questions and their timestamps are:

(00:30) – You said you wanted less dungeons, but what if the dungeons were done well?
(01:15) – What do you think is the hardest game in the series?
(02:18) – Do you think Midna will be in the new Zelda game even with the ending of Twilight Princess?
(02:54) – Do you think Nintendo should bring back the Gossip Stones?
(03:40) – Do you think Zelda will play a larger role in Zelda Wii?
(04:39) – Do you think Zelda Wii will have any downloadable content? If so how would it work?
(06:01) – Think Zelda Wii will have a new villain since it can’t have Ganon without the Master Sword?
(07:16) – Would you like Zelda Wii’s soundtrack to be orchestrated?
(08:21) – Where do you think the next Zelda will take place? How will they keep it fresh?
(09:09) – What character from a previous game would you like to make a cameo appearance in Zelda Wii?
(10:04) – A rumored title for Zelda Wii is The Legend of Zelda: The Fall of Hyrule. Is this true?

Be sure to send your questions to for the next mailbag, although there won’t be one next week. The week after that there will be, though!

See if you can guess the songs I played and the quote on the back of the paper!

So are you as excited about E3 and Zelda Wii news as I am?! As for some of the questions, what do YOU think is the hardest game in the series? What gave you trouble? Do you want Midna or the Gossip Stones to appear again? Think it’s even possible Midna will appear again? Tell me in the comments!

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