Curiosity ShopAlrighty, guys! Unlucky #13! Weird stuff might happen this time because of the unlucky number. Wonder what, though? And hey, 13 questions! Most I’ve ever answered! About half the questions are Zelda Wii related, which should be a relief to those who didn’t like the Zelda Wii focus last week. Enjoy!

Questions and their timestamps:

(00:19) – Do you think Twilight Princess’ bosses were big to hide how easy they were?
(01:15) – What do you think of the original Legend of Zelda?
(02:21) – What would you say is the scariest Zelda enemy?
(02:56) – What Zelda game do you think has the best music?
(03:40) – What do you think is the hardest dungeon and why?
(04:47) – Do you feel that the Kokiri or Tingle will return in a future game?
(05:50) – Do you think that Ocarina of Time is overappreciated as opposed to Majora’s Mask because it was first?
(06:34) – What sort of dungeons do you want to see in Zelda Wii and how many?
(07:18) – Is the new Zelda game going to be rated T for Teen?
(07:54) – Is it true that Zelda Wii will be the last Zelda game?
(08:28) – The original trailers for Twilight Princess showed things that never were in the game, do you think Zelda Wii will use some of these?
(09:27) – Why does everyone want to change Zelda’s formula when it’s worked for over 25 years?
(09:58) – Since you talked about having Link walk on foot, how about him walking faster?

Be sure to send your questions to for next week’s mailbag!

So, what did you guys think? Sick of me complaining about Twilight Princess or was that enough of a break? Opinion on the original LoZ? Scariest enemy? Best music? Hardest dungeon? Tell me in the comments!

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