The first Zelda Dungeon video mailbag is now available and you can watch it to the left or view a larger version over at YouTube. The host for the Question and Answer segment is our resident forum moderator and one of the newest members of the Zelda Dungeon staff, Axle the Beast. Axle takes on three questions in this weeks episode, including what the next Zelda DS title should use as a mode of transportation, whether Link will use the crossbow in the next Zelda Wii title, and what role Zelda should play in any future Zelda titles.

You can send in any new questions by e-mailing them to or posting them in the comments below, at youtube, or at the related forum thread. In the future, a full page will be setup for the mailbag and a text format will also be available. Until then, you can subscribe to the Zelda Dungeon YouTube channel in order to get all of our latest videos. Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think.

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