WELL ALRIGHT NOW! Mailbag #100! It’s been quite a ride, and hopefully it’s far from over. Thanks for all the support and giving me so many questions to answer! In thanks, here’s a mailbag of epic proportions. Over 42 minutes, with a total of 54 questions (58 including jokes). This mailbag covers a huge variety of topics, and in my humble opinion is one of my best completely aside from its length. You also get to see the new logo and intro! You can watch it here or view the embed after the jump.

The timestamps are located after the jump as well, because there’s so many! And special thanks to Michael DiBitetto and Brawlkowz for our new logo and intro, respectively.

(01:48) – What is your favorite song in the Zelda series?
(02:16) – Which version of Princess Zelda do you like better?
(02:50) – What are your favorite and least favorite designs for Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, and Impa?
(04:22) – What was your favorite boss in the entire series and why?
(04:54) – Who is your favorite main villain?
(05:38) – Which Zelda game got to you the most, or was the saddest for you?
(06:41) – Would you buy a Wii U or any console just to play a Zelda game?
(07:27) – Why is Link always an orphan?
(08:39) – What are your thoughts on the different Link stories? Are they all the same Link or not?
(09:35) – Are there female Gorons?
(09:58) – Why do you think people complain about how there isn’t a jump button?
(10:43) – Which is your favorite weapon for Ganon and what weapon would you like to see him use?
(11:35) – How do you feel about dungeons inspired by literature, like the Ancient Cistern, and what piece of literature do you think would make a cool dungeon?
(13:14) – What would you do and strive to put in the next Zelda game if you got to work on the series?
(13:54) – What do you think about people comparing Zelda to Skyrim?
(14:56) – What do you think of the idea of a stubborn or selfish Zelda in a future game?
(15:50) – Do you think it would be cool if Link wasn’t an adventurer but maybe a pirate or a ninja?
(16:33) – Would you like to have a female villain in a future Zelda game? Are there any existing ones?
(17:04) – Do you think you should be able to pick what Link says to NPCs?
(17:46) – Would you like Zelda to be more like Kingdom Hearts, with armor and leveling?
(18:47) – How would you feel if Toon Link never appeared again?
(19:26) – If Nintendo made a Zelda game that had nothing to do with the timeline, what would you want it to focus on?
(20:29) – What do you think of the rumors of Zelda Wii U being the size of Grand Theft Auto?
(21:19) – Given the recent refinements in Zelda storytelling, how might Ganondorf be approached in a future game?
(22:00) – Do you think Sheik will appear in any future Zelda games?
(22:44) – Would you appreciate it if Dark Link appeared again?
(23:26) – Would you like to see an underwater dungeon in future Zelda games since there was none in Skyward Sword?
(23:33) – What do you think of a seven-day week cycle to continue the time cycle concept from Majora’s Mask?
(24:24) – Would you like to see something similar to the Bomber’s Notebook in future Zelda games?
(25:04) – Why does Link’s primary hand change in the original Legend of Zelda?
(25:24) – Shouldn’t Zelda turn into Sheik and help you out in the escape from Ganon’s Castle in Ocarina of Time?
(26:06) – If Twinrova died in Ocarina of Time, how are they in Majora’s Mask?
(26:27) – Is it possible that Hyrule was the enemy country that sent the Garo to spy on Ikana?
(26:37) – What do you think about the Happy Mask Salesman? Is he creepy or just a freak?
(27:14) – Who was Link searching for in the beginning of Majora’s Mask?
(28:00) – Was there anything in Majora’s Mask you disliked?
(28:35) – What do you think the Mirror Shield’s design symbolizes in Majora’s Mask?
(29:05) – Why is there a little fake cow in Majora’s Mask? (???)
(29:14) – What are those little cow figurines all over Majora’s Mask? Do they have any meaning? (!)
(29:46) – What do you think about the “5 Stages of Grief” theory about Majora’s Mask?
(30:40) – What might a purple tunic do if it had an effect in a major Zelda game?
(31:36) – Is there a reason for Vaati’s eye symbol appearing in Dragon Roost Cavern?
(32:19) – What are Poes, and where do they come from?
(32:58) – How do Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf possess the Triforce in Twilight Princess?
(33:37) – How is Twilight Princess in the Child Timeline if all the Sages are there, Ganon is sealed, and Link’s clothing comes from the Hero of Time?
(34:34) – Which Sage do you think Ganondorf killed in Twilight Princess?
(35:01) – What’s your opinion of the Temple of the Ocean King from Phantom Hourglass?
(35:45) – Don’t you think the items in Skyward Sword were a little watered down compared to Twilight Princess?
(36:32) – Do you think that Skyward Sword was actually the easiest game to 100%?
(37:19) – What “king” are they talking about in the Fire Sanctuary in Skyward Sword?
(37:51) – If the red bird on the Hylian Shield comes from the Crimson Loftwing, but you get the Hylian Shield in Skyward Sword, does that mean that there were red birds before the game, and that the name comes from Hylia and not Hyrule?
(38:36) – Do you think Ghirahim will make a comeback in future games?
(39:18) – If there were a Zelda movie, should it be based on a specific game or be a broader Zelda movie?
(39:49) – If Nintendo were to make a final game on the timeline, how would you want it to end?

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