Hey there guys! Mailbag’s up and on time this week! Also, last chance to enter the mailbag intro contest before it ends! The rules can be found here. Anyway, for this mailbag we have a number of future Zelda game questions alongside several about Demise, Ganondorf, and items. 12 questions in all. Enjoy! You can watch the video here or check out the embed after the jump.

Questions and timestamps:

(00:39) – What’s your favorite dungeon in Skyward Sword, and in all of Zelda?
(01:22) – Which Zelda game do you think had the best side characters?
(02:22) – If you could add one completely original item to the next Zelda game, what would it be?
(03:09) – Since he’s been absent lately, do you think Ganon is likely to appear in Zelda Wii U, or will this streak continue?
(04:10) – Do you think it would be cool to have revisiting dungeons in place of mini-dungeons in future Zelda titles?
(05:35) – How would you feel about a Zelda game ending in a cliffhanger, and the story spanning two games?
(06:53) – Would you like to see the return of old items or completely new ones?
(07:38) – If the Hylians are the chosen race of the Goddesses, then why do they never have a sacred jewel or pearl, but the other races do?
(08:22) – There are multiple things that place The Wind Waker on the Child Timeline, so why is it on the Adult Timeline?
(09:10) – Who is the “Twilight Princess”? Zelda, Midna, or both of them?
(09:40) – What would you think of a game where Ganondorf brings Demise back and Link has to stop him?
(10:38) – Are all of the badguys in the series the result of Demise’s curse?

Be sure to submit your name/username and questions to our contact page, or if that page doesn’t work then email them to mailbag@zeldadungeon.net for next week’s mailbag!

Can you guess the quote on the paper, the sound at the beginning, or any of the music? How about your thoughts about the questions? What was your favorite dungeon in Skyward Sword and the series in general? Which game had the best side characters? If you could make up an item for Zelda, what would it be? Do you think we’ll see Ganon next game? Do you want to see more returning to dungeons, a cliffhanger ending, or new or returning items? Tell me in the comments!

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