Curiosity ShopAlright guys, well this time we don’t have as many questions as the last mailbag, but the answers are a bit longer so that’s to be expected. There’s a total of 8, talking about Spirit Tracks and several of the other games. Be sure to check out Mases’ special Ocarina of Time 3D mailbag and send me more OoT 3D questions for him. Anyway, enjoy!

Questions and timestamps:

(00:08) – Who do you think is the creepiest character in the series?
(00:57) – What is the worst Zelda game you’ve played besides Twilight Princess, and what about the best?
(02:22) – You said there are elements in Twilight Princess you’d like to see again. What are some of these?
(03:54) – In the American version of Spirit Tracks why did they change Staven’s name to Byrne?
(04:40) – Do you think Nintendo will ever use on-rails transportation like the train in the Zelda series again?
(06:20) – What do you think is beyond Hyrule? And why does the map change in every game if it’s the same Hyrule?
(07:41) – If the Skyward Sword lets you travel between Hyrule and Skyloft, do you think there will be puzzles where you have to alternate between them?
(08:38) – What do you think of the GameBoy Zelda games, Link’s Awakening and the Oracle games?

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Can you guess the quote on the paper, the sound at the beginning, or any of the music? Who do YOU think is the creepiest character in the series, and what is your personal worst or best Zelda game? Why do you think they changed the name Staven to Byrne? Do you think we’ll ever see linear transportation in the series again? What about your opinion on the GameBoy Zelda games? Tell me in the comments!

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