Curiosity ShopHoly crap, guys, I think the mailbag just got a little more epic. 17 questions! Okay, so maybe a few of them don’t exactly 100% count, but hey, it’s still 17! Got a pretty wide selection of questions, with a couple extra focusing on Twilight Princess, A Link to the Past and Skyward Sword. Enjoy!

Questions and timestamps:

(00:09) – Have you played and beaten every Zelda game, and if not do you plan to?
(00:23) – Do you think the rumored about The Legend of Zelda: Coming of the Flood have any credibility?
(00:34) – Is there any reason why the Pendant of Power is blue in A Link to the Past?
(00:40) – Zelda’s the dude in green, right?
(00:47) – Is Hyrule a land or a planet?
(01:01) – Did you find the Water Temple as hard as people say it is?
(01:32) – We know you dislike Twilight Princess for various reasons. What was your overall opinion of the story and gameplay?
(02:25) – Do you think Midna ever considered that by breaking the Mirror of Twilight she was preventing anything from being shared between the two cultures? Should she have broken the mirror?
(03:50) – Do you think there should be a sequel to Twilight princess? If so, should Midna return?
(04:29) – Since A Link to the Past is a prequel to the original game, why does Ganon die at the end?
(05:05) – In A Link to the Past the uncle’s last words are “Zelda is your…”, does this mean she’s Link’s sister?
(05:49) – Kotake and Koume are sisters, so which one is Ganondorf’s actual mom?
(06:11) – In Spirit Tracks’ European version, Aboda Village was called Outset Village. Does this mean that the ST overworld is the flooded Hyrule from The Wind Waker?
(06:48) – Are the different Links in the series related by blood?
(07:24) – How would you feel about playable partners in a Zelda game, and what are the chances of it happening?
(08:12) – Since in the Skyward Sword trailer Link jumps off a cliff and Miyamoto said this was important, doesn’t this confirm flight in the game?
(08:53) – If you play the latest Skyward Sword trailer backwards you hear Zelda’s Lullaby. Could this be a clue?

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Can you guess the quote on the paper, the sound at the beginning, or any of the music? Have you played and beaten every Zelda game? Did you find the Water Temple hard? What’s your overall opinion of Twilight Princess? Do you think Midna should have broken the Mirror of Twilight? Should Midna return in a Twilight Princess sequel? Do you think the line “Zelda is your…” was originally intended to mean something other than “your destiny”? What do you think of the idea of playable partners? Tell me in the comments!

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