Curiosity ShopHey guys! So for this mailbag we’ve actually got a fairly interesting variety of questions, and one of them addresses the issue of Skyward Sword and it being potentially delayed onto the new Nintendo console that’s going to be shown at E3. We’ve got 11 questions in all once again, so enjoy!

Questions and timestamps:

(00:15) – Where would you live if Hyrule or Termina were real?
(01:01) – What’s your favorite song that you play on one of the instruments in the series?
(01:33) – For an original 3DS Zelda title, would you want a sequel to Spirit Tracks or something new?
(02:38) – What is your opinion on Skyward Sword being delayed and then released on Nintendo’s new console?
(03:39) – Could the Goddess of Time be related to the Tetra Force?
(03:49) – If a third Oracle game was made, what would Farore’s powers have been?
(05:13) – At the end of The Wind Waker, couldn’t the King of Hyrule have saved Hyrule and Zelda and destroyed Ganondorf instead of submerging Hyrule?
(06:10) – People keep mentioning a bazooka in Twilight Princess, but where was it?
(06:46) – What’s your opinion on a Zelda MMORPG?
(07:40) – Zelda seems to be in medieval times but then there’s the technology. Could you shed some light on this?
(08:56) – Why does the Spirit Medallion appear the Spirit Medallion on the Quest Status screen in Ocarina of Time?

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Can you guess the quote on the paper, the sound at the beginning, or any of the music? Where would you live in Hyrule or Termina if they were real? What’s your favorite playable song in the series? What do you want to see for a NEW 3DS Zelda game? Are you concerned about Skyward Sword being delayed to be on Nintendo’s new console? What could Farore’s powers have been in a third Oracle game? How about a Zelda MMORPG game? Tell me in the comments!

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