Curiosity ShopOkay, guys, here’s the mailbag. A little shorter than usual. Only 11 this time, but I ones from a wide selection of games. Enjoy!

Questions and timestamps:

(00:08) – If Link obtains the Master Sword in Skyward Sword, then do you think we will see him sealing it?
(01:21) – If possible would you have made it so that Zelda always had the classic formula and never changed to the 3D formula?
(02:15) – Why do the Beamos have the Triforce on them if they try to kill you?
(03:19) – Which is creepier, the Bottom of the Well or the Shadow Temple? And why was Bongo Bongo sealed in the Well instead of the Temple?
(04:48) – Do you think the Happy Mask Salesman could be a descendant of the Ancient Tribe who last owned Majora’s Mask?
(06:11) – Since The Minish Cap has ancestors of people from Termina, does that mean people eventually immigrated from Hyrule to Termina?
(07:38) – Where does Spirit Tracks fall on the timeline? If Malladus is Ganon, and he died, then is that the end of the timeline?
(08:23) – In A Link to the Past there’s a Dark World and in Twilight Princess there’s a Twilight Realm. Are they connected?
(09:02) – People say they don’t like Midi music in Zelda and wish Twilight Princess was orchestrated. What is Midi and how is it different from orchestrated?
(10:20) – How or why does Ganondorf get the Triforce of Power?
(11:16) – If The Minish Cap is in Hyrule and shows the origins of Link’s cap, then how can Skyward Sword be the first game and show the origins of the Master Sword and Hyrule?

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Can you guess the sound at the beginning, the quote, or any of the music? Do you think Skyward Sword will show Link sealing the Master Sword? If you had a choice to make it so, would Zelda have never changed to the 3D gameplay formula? Which is creepier, the Bottom of the Well or the Shadow Temple? Is the Happy Mask Salesman descended from the Ancient Tribe? Tell me in the comments!

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