Curiosity ShopAlright guys, got the mailbag! Alas, this is the final Majora’s Mask Month mailbag. Of course it only has questions about Majora’s Mask (there’s 13 of them), but this will be the last one like that sadly. But that was fun wasn’t it? Be sure to send me questions that aren’t about Majora’s Mask again, although we don’t want to cut Majora’s Mask out entirely!

Questions and timestamps:

(00:25) – If it’s the same Happy Mask Salesman in Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time, is it the same Link too?
(00:42) – What is your favorite song in Majora’s Mask?
(01:19) – Which features of Majora’s Mask would you like to see refined and reappear in a remake or a new game like Skyward Sword?
(03:09) – Why do you think they chose the Deku for Majora’s Mask instead of the Kokiri? Also, why do you think there’s never been another Deku area, and which race fits the forest best?
(04:58) – I cannot complete the Anju and Kafei sidequest. Anju keeps saying there are no reservations. What am I doing wrong?
(05:37) – Do you think Keaton in Majora’s Mask has anything to do with Pikachu from Pokemon?
(06:32) – What do you think is the most frustrating part of Majora’s Mask?
(07:18) – If it’s the same Skull Kid in Majora’s Mask, can the Skull Kid travel between Hyrule and Termina freely?
(08:25) – How do you think the Happy Mask Salesman acquired Majora’s Mask if its origins are in another dimension?
(09:15) – Do you think Stone Tower Temple is parallel to a place in Hyrule?
(10:06) – Do you think time really goes backward when you play the Song of Time in Majora’s Mask? You don’t lose all of your important items and in Ocarina of Time it only moved those blocks.
(11:20) – Do you think Termina will appear in a future Zelda game, or only in Majora’s Mask?
(12:04) – What do you think is the main aspect that made Majora’s Mask what it is?

Be sure to send your questions as well as your name/username to for next week’s mailbag!

Can you guess the sound, the quote, or any of the music? And how about your opinions? In general of course, but in particular, what’s your favorite song in Majora’s Mask? Which features would you like to see again, and which ones made Majora’s Mask what it was? Do you think the Deku or the Kokiri fit the forest better? Most frustrating part of the game? Tell me in the comments!

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