Curiosity ShopSo, for Majora’s Mask Month I’ve got a mailbag specifically about Majora’s Mask! Got 9 questions, just about MM. I would love to receive more Majora’s Mask questions for the next few mailbags though, so please send more in! Enjoy!

Oh, and my personal channel that I mentioned is AxletheBeast.

Questions and Timestamps:

(00:19) – What is your favorite mask in Majora’s Mask?
(01:31) – Would you like another Zelda game to have a time cycle like Majora’s Mask?
(02:34) – Do you think the Triforces in Stone Tower have to do with Termina’s history?
(04:45) – Do you think they will ever make a sequel to Majora’s Mask?
(05:40) – Do you think they will remake Majora’s Mask on the 3DS? What would you like changed?
(06:55) – Do you think the friend Link is searching for in Majora’s Mask could have been the Skull Kid?
(08:26) – Do you believe the Twilight Realm and Termina are one and the same?
(09:36) – Do you think the Happy Mask Salesman is a Hylian or some other race? Is he even human?
(10:50) – What is your favorite Zelda game and what did it have that other games are missing?

Be sure to send your questions and name/username to for next week’s mailbag, and make them about Majora’s Mask!

Can you guess the music, the sound at the beginning, or the quote? And how about you? What’s your favorite mask in the game, and would you like to see the Time Cycle again? Any theories about Stone Tower? How a

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