Curiosity ShopAlright, guys, mailbag #030! Been at this for a long time, and 30 is a pretty impressive number. Not impressive enough to do something special of course, but still pretty sweet. Haha. Anyway, got a nice amount of questions this time. 12, actually. Been a while since I did that many. I also took the time to address some of your confusion regarding my comments about the Dark Tribe, so hopefully this video clears some of that up. Enjoy!

Also, the news about the 3DS Virtual Console version of Link’s Awakening that I mentioned can be read here.

Questions and Timestamps:

(00:09) – What are some of your favorite Zelda songs, and which game had the best soundtrack?
(01:07) – What do you think are the lamest items in the series?
(01:53) – You said Zelda should take some innovation from Mario. Could you elaborate?
(02:37) – How do you feel about the Oracle games with their unique relationship, and do you think Nintendo will make more like them?
(04:01) – What do you think of having a female Link in Zelda?
(04:57) – Do you think Kaepora Gaebora and Rauru in Ocarina of Time are the same person?
(06:11) – Why is the Biggoron Sword more powerful than the Master Sword?
(06:34) – What was Swiftblade referring to in the newsletter in The Minish Cap when he mentioned amulets?
(07:20) – Since Impa is in Twilight Princess it can’t be that long after Ocarina of Time. How long do you think it is?
(08:14) – Could you explain where else in the series besides Twilight Princess the Dark Tribe was mentioned?
(10:06) – How could there be a final boss in Skyward Sword if a group, the Dark Tribe, are the antagonists?
(11:10) – Do you think Skyward Sword will be more casual than other Zelda games in keeping with Nintendo’s current trend?

Be sure to send your questions to for next week’s mailbag. And maybe you should send me some about Link’s Awakening on the 3DS!

Can you guess the quote, the sound at the beginning, or any of the music? And how about some of your opinions? What are your favorite songs in the Zelda series, and what game do you think has the best soundtrack? Which game do you think has the most lame or useless items, and which items exactly? Female Link? More games like the Oracle ones? Tell me in the comments!

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