Curiosity ShopHello everyone! Got your new mailbag here. Got 11 questions, 4 of which are about Skyward Sword. Enjoy!

Questions and Timestamps:

(00:13) – Could you list your top 5 Zelda games?
(01:37) – Which version of Zelda do you like best?
(02:31) – Were you surprised when you found out Sheik or Tetra were Princess Zelda?
(03:16) – Do you think that LoZ: The Ancient Stone Tablets is part of the Zelda Timeline?
(04:34) – What are your thoughts about Termina and Hyrule being linked by the Lost Woods, and what about the Skull Kid traveling between them?
(06:00) – How much of a time gap is between OoT and TWW, and could there be a game between them?
(07:43) – Do you want new Zelda games to have warping like OoT, TP or MM?
(08:32) – Why isn’t Nintendo showing us the Skyward Sword? They’ve only shown the Master Sword.
(09:32) – Do you think we will see Dark Link in Skyward Sword?
(10:20) – If the Picori come from the sky, do you think that the Picori could be the inhabitants of Skyloft?
(11:11) – Since birds are air creatures, could the “Triforce Bird” on the Hylian Crest have its origin explained in Skyward Sword?

Be sure to send your questions to for next week’s mailbag!

Can you guess the quote used at the beginning and on the paper? How about the music? Now, what’s your top 5 Zelda games, and what’s your favorite version of Princess Zelda herself? Did it surprise you when Sheik or Tetra turned into Zelda? Tell me in the comments!

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