Curiosity ShopMailbag #024 is here! Got 12 questions, including a few ones that are extra informative rather than opinionated (although I still have those too of course). Enjoy!

Questions and timestamps:

(00:22) – Which Zelda game had the best ending?
(01:32) – If the Deku Tree Sprout is TWW’s Deku Tree, how did it end up in the Forest Haven?
(02:40) – Many of the games have a day and night changing feature, so what about changing seasons?
(03:42) – Do you think SS will be delayed a lot like Twilight Princess?
(04:35) – What do you think about Link’s baggy traveler’s pants in SS?
(05:15) – How do you like Zelda games to start, and how do you want SS to start?
(06:36) – Do you have any tips on beating the endurance dungeons in TWW and TP?
(07:44) – Most Zelda games have a unique gameplay hook. Do you think SS’s is just Wii Motion Plus or could there be more?
(09:00) – Since Tingle is from Termina, how did he get to Hyrule and live out the Great Flood?
(09:46) – Can you do the sumo wrestling mini-game after you beat TP?
(10:14) – Assuming TMC is first on the timeline, do you think the Picori might be ancestors of the Kokiri?
(10:54) – What if TMC is last on the timeline?

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Can you guess the sound at the beginning or the music? How about the quote on the paper?

As for opinions, what is your favorite ending to a Zelda game? How about your favorite beginning to one? And what do you think of Link’s new pants? And what about The Minish Cap, first on the timeline or last? Tell me in the comments!

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