Curiosity ShopMailbag time! Bet you haven’t gotten used to the new day for mailbags yet, have you? Neither have I to be honest, haha. Anyway, we have 11 questions this time, again very mixed (hardly anything about Skyward Sword or Ocarina of Time 3D, actually). A lot of them are also very opinionated, and I’m even encouraging a discussion between you guys and me about the last question, so I hope to see you in the comments! Since I just beat Spirit Tracks, feel free to ask me questions (either opinionated or fact based, as always) about the game, although do be aware that I will very shortly be doing a video of my impressions of Spirit Tracks as well as a comparison between it and Phantom Hourglass.

Questions and timestamps:
(00:16) – Was there ever a regular gray cartridge for the first two Zelda games?
(00:31) – What is your favorite mini-game in the series?
(01:44) – What did you think of Linebeck? Funny or annoying?
(02:43) – Did you hate being without a sword for part of The Wind Waker, and what do you think of that happening in Skyward Sword?
(04:04) – You talk a lot about how the bosses are too easy in the recent games. Are there any ones that particularly bother you?
(06:50) – Why was the Earth Temple sage of the winged Rito instead of the tree people in The Wind Waker?
(07:58) – Since Twilight Princess is hundreds of years after Ocarina of Time, do you think the Sacred Grove and the Lost Woods or Kokiri Forest could be the same place?
(08:47) – Did you like it that Majora’s Mask re-used characters from Ocarina of Time and would you like to see that again?
(09:17) – Do you think Nintendo will ever make a Zelda MMORPG?
(09:58) – Do you think Termina or the masks from Majora’s Mask will appear in another game?
(10:44) – What do you think about the theory about Ganondorf being possessed by an entity called Ganon?

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Can you guess the quote, the sound at the beginning, or the music that plays?

So, your turn! What was your favorite mini-game out of all the ones in the series? What did you think of Linebeck? Being swordless? How about any irritatingly easy bosses? And what do you think of the theory that Ganon is an entity that possesses the man Ganondorf? Do you think it’s groundless like me? Is there a good argument for it? I’m legitimately curious and would like to see what you guys think. Talk to me in the comments!

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