Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

Curiosity ShopMailbag #021! This one’s a little extra long, but don’t freak out! This is not going to be a regular occurence. The length will stay about the same as always. 12 questions, and a pretty even mix this time. Enjoy!

As mentioned in the video, here’s Zelda Dungeon’s Twitter page.

Questions and timestamps:
(00:31) – What’s your favorite moment out of all the Zelda games?
(01:53) – What did you think of using the fishing rod to distract Ganondorf in Twilight Princess?
(02:54) – What do you think of the theory that the Hero’s Shade is the Hero of Time as a Stalfos?
(04:18) – Where do you think Twilight Princess is on the timeline?
(05:33) – Could the Deku Tree in The Wind Waker be the grown up Deku Tree Sprout from Ocarina of Time?
(06:02) – Is there a house for each of the three Oracle girls in The Minish Cap?
(06:47) – Do you think the tribe that created Majora’s Mask is the Twili?
(07:50) – Do you think the Water Temple will be the same in Ocarina of Time 3DS, or different?
(08:36) – Do you think Skyward Sword will be the first game on the timeline?
(09:24) – Do you think that Skyward Sword will or should have a Magic Meter?
(10:07) – Do you think there will be another DS title like Phantom Hourglass or Spirit Tracks, and what vehicle would it use?
(10:46) – Could you explain the world in Phantom Hourglass? It seems like an alternate dimension.

Be sure to send your questions to xx5terrorlord@earthlink.net for next week’s mailbag!

Can you guess the music or the sound effect at the beginning? How about the quote?

What’s YOUR favorite moment in any Zelda game? Or do you have too many favorites to choose just one? Did you know about the fishing rod trick with Ganondorf? Do you want the Water Temple to stay the same? And how do you explain the ending of Phantom Hourglass? Tell me in the comments!

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