Curiosity ShopMailbag #019 is here for you guys! We’re sure starting to get into some high numbers, eh? We’re finally starting to get back to some broader topics. There’s still a lot of attention on Skyward Sword, but I’ve been getting a lot more questions unrelated to it, or only partially related. Enjoy!

The questions and their timestamps:

(00:11) – If you transformed into an animal in the Twilight Realm, which would it be?
(01:11) – Do you think Skyward Sword could involve the creation of Death Mountain, Lake Hylia, etc.?
(02:24) – Will Skyloft be connected to Cloud Tops in The Minish Cap?
(03:05) – Is Link immortal because he has the Triforce of Courage?
(04:38) – Do you think the evil sealed inside Majora’s Mask is the evil in Skyward Sword?
(06:05) – Will Nintendo ever explain what happened to Link after Majora’s Mask?
(06:58) – Did you actually find the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time as hard as every says it is?
(07:55) – Why did they take Sheik out of the series?
(08:59) – Should Link be customizable in Skyward Sword?
(09:45) – Will Skyward Sword have sidequests like Majora’s Mask, and what kinds would you like to see?

Be sure to send your questions to for next week’s mailbag!

Can you guess the music I played? Kudos if you can guess the non-Zelda songs! How about the quote or the sound effect at the beginning?

So, how about you guys? If you went to the Twilight Realm what animal would you turn into? Feel free to base it off your likes or your personality. Also, do you like the idea of customizing Link, and did you think the Water Temple was hard? Tell me in the comments!

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