Curiosity ShopWhassup everyone? I’ve got your new mailbag video! (Duh? Haha!) As I said last time, be sure to give me feedback on if you like this one more or less than previous mailbags, please!

The questions and their timestamps:

(00:25) – You mentioned you don’t think The Minish Cap is first on the timeline. Why?
(01:41) – I think the DS titles are too linear. What do you think future handheld titles will be like?
(02:58) – What will be different in the Ocarina of Time remake?
(04:11) – Do you think Majora’s Mask will also be remade?
(05:00) – Do you think Skyloft and the City in the Sky are connected?
(06:19) – What will Skyloft be like in Skyward Sword? Like a field or a hub?
(07:34) – Do you think the Bow controls in Skyward Sword will be as fast and accurate as in Twilight Princess?
(08:32) – In Skyward Sword, do you think NPC interaction will be more like Ocarina of Time or Majora’s Mask?
(09:12) – Even though the graphics seem light, do you think Skyward Sword will have some dark elements?
(10:20) – Skyward Sword kinda sounds like the backstory of The Minish Cap. Do you think this Link is the Hero of Man?

Be sure to send your questions to for next week’s mailbag!

Feel free to guess the music. So, what do you think of the DS titles? Too linear or are they fine? What about preserving the game type or bringing back other ones? And how about The Minish Cap? Do YOU think it’s first on the timeline? Tell me in the comments!

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