Cuccoo Triforce Shirt on Sanshee

Cuckoo Triforce ShirtCuccoo for a new Zelda tee?

“The native Hylian cuckoo is one of nature’s most endearing creatures: peaceful, inviting, and even playful at times. That is… unless they’re startled.”

These friendly Cuccos, seem to be suffocating Link and Zelda in tender way. Available now at Sanshee, you can have this adorable yet humorous Zelda t-shirt for a reasonable price of $20 USD. Plus they ship internationally, hooray!

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In case you were wondering, the Japanese text on the shirt “ゼルダの伝説” translates to Zeruda no Densetu, or The Legend of Zelda in English.

Created and designed by artist omocat, who is also known for her humorous Zelda comics and other works, this shirt is well suited for any guy or gal! I’ve already ordered mine. Do You plan on getting your hands on one?  Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Sanshee (via omo-cat)

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