A Link to the Past Cross-Stiched Map

This cross-stitched map of Hyrule, as seen in A Link to the Past, took four months of toil to reach completion (Click for the full size image). The stitches creator, known as Servotron, was originally planning on doing it on a screenshot from Donkey Kong Country on the Super Game Boy. So either through some very bad stitching and a massive fluke, or more likely, through a conscious change of mind, the end product is this map of Hyrule. Looking pretty awesome I must say. Wouldn’t mind one of those for myself!

You may or may not have seen this piece before, because it was actually completed over two years ago, in 2009. It was reported over at Kotaku back then, and made it’s way over to GoNintendo. Two years later GoNintendo seems to have forgotten that they posted about it years ago, with this new post. Thankfully, the new post finally got our attention, and now this superb piece of artwork hopefully gets yours too. Enjoy! (That’s probably the longest news reference we’ve ever had.)

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