Crocheted Link Doll

Link crochet

Plush Link toys are extremely common, but it’s not often that we see crochet Link dolls. Amigurumi is the Japanese process of creating little animals and other characters – and that has lead to this fantastic incarnation of Link in celebration of the awesomeness that is Ocarina of Time. His head even pivots! What’s even cooler is that crochet Link’s creator Stephanie, on her blog “All About Ami”, provides step by step pictures and instructions.

So instead of just the finished project, you can follow it right through from the start as she tells you how she made it and shows pictures of what it looks like. I am really impressed. She will also be posting a similar step by step approach for Link’s sword and shield. So the choice of admiring in awe or even trying to make one for yourself is entirely yours. Check it all out here.

Source: All About Ami-Link (via Zelda Universe)

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