Enjoy this poignant and surprising piano medley of Majora’s Mask songs that will take you back to the chaotic emotions and rich environments of the game. The medley begins with the profound “Song of Healing,” rendered in soft, pensive tones, then seamlessly transitions to the staccato yet somber “Stone Tower Temple” theme. After this magisterial and stern melody, the medley shifts to the spritely “Clock Town” music.

We are then treated to a dramatic rendition of the “Mayor’s Meeting” theme, which accompanied arguments of Clock Town’s leaders regarding the impending cataclysm of the falling moon. Around the half way point, the medley continues on to the cheerful “Milk Bar” music, but then brings back previous melodies in the piece, giving it the circular, repetitious feel of the game itself.

What was your experience listening to this piece? Did it bring back memories and feelings from the game for you? Did you like this artist’s arrangement of these melodies?

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