shoes Etsy shop owner Dylan Dennison of DylansCustomShoes has hand-painted a one of a kind pair of Majora’s Mask themed slip-on shoes. The right shoe depicts young Link holding the Mask of Truth with Navi appearing on the side of the shoe, the left shoe bears a Triforce and Majora’s eyes on the side. All of Dennison’s shoes are made-to-order and he is open to changes in the design or entirely different custom orders. The shoes are available for purchase at his Etsy shop for $50 plus shipping for off-brand shoes and $90 for Vans brand shoes; they ship to the US only. Hit the jump for a better look at these beauties!



As you can see, Dennison is very talented and takes great care with his designs; he uses only fabric paint, oil Sharpies, and waterproofer to make his customs. He has designed Batman and Deadpool themed shoes, as well as Galaxy styled and J.R.R. Tolkien inspired pairs.

What do you think of these custom shoes? What other kinds of designs would you want Dennison to try out? Will you be ordering your own pair of custom Majora’s Mask shoes? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Etsy

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