This is a rather cute and adorable story, one we’re glad Nintendo decided to help participate in. Robert Piazza and Christa Slayton got married at their local GameStop dressed up as Link and Princess Zelda. Zelda themed weddings are certainly nothing new, but some may find the location to be a bit odd. As it turns out, they actually met at this GameStop last year during a Mario Kart 8 Tournament with the proposal for marriage also coming here. It was only natural then to host the wedding there as well, as that store was a huge part of what brought them together. Not to be forgotten in their role, Nintendo provided Zelda themed gift bags for all the guests.

They also hosted a Super Smash Bros. Tournament in honor of how they first met, where Nintendo provided prizes to the winners. We’ve included the full Press Release below and all the photos from the event. We wish them a happy life together as Nintendo, GameStop, and The Legend of Zelda helped bring a happy couple together for life.

“Yesterday, at a GameStop store in eastern Pennsylvania, Robert Piazza and Christa Slayton,

lifelong fans of Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda series, tied the knot dressed as their favorite Nintendo characters, Link and Princess Zelda. With their family and closest friends in attendance, also dressed as Nintendo characters, the two walked down the aisle of the store where they first met.

It all started when they met at a Mario Kart 8 tournament early last year. The two instantly fell in love, and, this past October, Robert decided to propose to Christa at that same GameStop store. Now a year later, the two were wed in the place that began it all. Dressed in a beautiful Zelda-inspired wedding dress, the bride was accompanied by her groom and full wedding party.

After the wedding ceremony, guests took part in a competitive Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tournament as an homage to how the bride and groom first met. Nintendo provided gift bags for guests full of items inspired by The Legend of Zelda series, including Zelda playing card decks, Master Sword sour candies, paper Majora’s Masks and Wii U lanyards, as well as offering a variety of items for winners of the Super Smash Bros.competition.”

Source: PR Email

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