48 Hours Remain

My Top Five Most Anticipated

Dawn of The Second Day. 48 Hours Remain. That’s right, we’re only two days away, and the hype is quite literally off the charts – even more than the sales of Motion Plus will be once Skyward Sword is released!

We are all now very familiar with everything that we’re expecting at E3 this year, having thoroughly gone over what to expect from The Legend of Zelda and Nintendo as a whole. We now come to having a look at what is the most worth looking forward to. So read on for the five announcements that I’m anticipating most.

5 – Kid Icarus: Uprising

Kid Icarus

In 2010 Kid Icarus was the biggest surprise announcement amongst a whole lot of surprises like Donkey Kong Country Returns. All we really got to see, though, was an epic return trailer, some basic demos and the dreaded words “coming soon”.

This time around we should get to know the game, including more about its story, more about the gameplay and a release date – or at the very least a launch window. I’m really looking forward to the return of Pit, so all the details we’ll hear about this game at E3 have me quite excited.

4 – Super Mario 3D

Super Mario 3D

To be completely honest – I’m all ‘round excited for everything Mario coming to the 3DS. There’s Paper Mario 3D and Mario Kart 3D – but none have me more excited than Super Mario 3D.

And why shouldn’t I be excited? It has been described as an original game that’s a cross between Super Mario 64 and Mario Galaxy. It’s even being made by the same team as Mario Galaxy and its sequel. Ever since its GDC reveal we’ve been thinking “raccoon suit”, and Miyamoto has told us “it’s what you think it is.” Tell me exactly why I shouldn’t be so pumped for this title?

3 – Project Kafei

Project Cafe Fake

A new console. The successor to the Wii. It is in HD. According to the rumors it is awesome online, has the new controller with a screen and camera, and has Reggie-style kick-ass hardware. It’s apparently a hardcore Nintendo console.

The rumors have me so hyped for this. It is the unknown. What future possibilities will Kafei bring for the world of future Nintendo gaming? Then there’s all of the potential new titles that can be announced for the new console – from Smash Bros. to Zelda to Mario. This is worth anticipating.

2 – Skyward Sword

Skyward Sword Logo

The long awaited next Zelda home console title. Oh hell yeahz. From what we’ve heard it’s shaping up be to Zelda what Galaxy was to Mario. It looks stunning, everyone who has played it says it feels and plays seamlessly – and that was a year ago. It can only have gotten better!

Now we have news of the soundtrack being orchestrated and storyline rumors flying around all over the place. In it’s pre-Ocarina of Time placement, there is so much potential. At this E3 we will get heaps more details, a trailer and most importantly of all – some idea for a release period.

1 – Zelda’s 25th Anniversary

Zelda 25th Anniversary

It is the things where you don’t know the details that are most worth looking forward to. That’s why Zelda’s 25th anniversary is number one for me – it could be anything. Absolutely anything. The mystery means that I don’t have much to say about it – which is why I am so excited for it.

We know it will be different from Mario’s anniversary package… and on 25th anniversary notes – I have one last final out-of-nowhere hope for E3. Zelda isn’t the only game series turning 25 this year, because Dragon Quest is as well. I’d love to see something announced for the DS, or 3DS, to celebrate that!

What you can note about all of them, except for Project Kafei, is that they’re coming this year. And the more imminent something is the more exciting I find it. Of course, for something to be highly anticipated, we also have to know about it, so expect there to be lots of surprise announcements that would likely have made this list if we knew of them.

Honestly, I’m exited by it all from Kirby Wii, to Pikmin 3, to Pandora’s Tower, The Last Story and Xenoblade. Nevertheless, that’s my top five most anticipated. Do you agree? Let us know your most anticipated.

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