Countdown to E3

My Five Favorite days of the Year

The countdown continues, and we find ourselves only 12 days away from Nintendo’s 2011 E3 Press Conference. In today’s feature we take a look at what E3 means to gamers; how important it is to Nintendo fans, and specifically – what it means to me.

If E3 is something that you’ve never gotten into, then it’s about time you started – because if you’re viewing a Zelda-oriented Nintendo fansite called Zelda Informer Plus, E3 to you should be just like Christmas morning for a five year old. Read on as I share where Nintendo’s yearly E3 conference ranks on my top five favorite days on the yearly calendar.

5 – New Years Day

New Years Day

For many it’s about the parties that linger on into the morning, but for me, it’s a new beginning. It’s “another year over and a new one just begun”. A fresh start, a time for new challenges, new stages in our lives. It’s all really in the symbolism – of a new beginning.

That’s the whole reason many people make their new years resolutions. Because the end of one year is an accomplishment, and its time to focus on the future, on the new year. No doubt a notable day on all of our calendars, but it’s no E3.

4 – Birthday

Birthday Cake

In many regards, Birthdays are just like the New Year, but with more personal and sentimental meaning behind them. It’s a time to reflect back on coming another year through life, how you’ve changed, where you aim to get in the future. A time for reflection, for family, and of course: presents.

Parties, family, friends – whatever your style – Birthdays are what you want them to be. People seem to like attention, and when do you get more of it than on your birthday? Whatever you do, birthdays are notable days in our culture, but – they’re no E3.

3 – Christmas


And so this is Christmas” for “the old and the young”. Remember those Christmas mornings back when we were all little kiddies. There’s sure to be plenty of stories out there. Stories of sneaking out early, of making loud noises in the kitchen to wake people up, and so on.

It’s like Easter, just with less of a focus on chocolate and more on giving. Little kids can hardly contain their excitement on Christmas mornings, and even those of us who are beyond that and even well into their thirties can’t deny the buzz Christmas brings. The joys of getting presents you want, and giving others what they want. It’s a great feeling, yet it still ain’t no E3.

2 – Wrestlemania

Wrestlemania 28

If you’re not a fan of professional wrestling/sports entertainment, or specifically the WWE, this one will be extremely out of place for you. Wrestlemania is to wrestling fans what E3 is to gamers. The yearly spectacular that everything throughout the year builds up to. To be at Wrestlemania, just like if you’re presenting at E3, you have to be close to the best in the world at what you do.

The atmosphere, the stage, the build up – all come together to make what ranks as my second favorite day of every year. A show that never disappoints. Many would say that Wrestlemania is the WWE’s only show in their current era of PG programming that is really worth the watch. However, even with all of the hype and excitement, it’s still nowhere near being the best day of the year. It’s no E3.

1- Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference

E3 Logo

For gamers around the world, E3 is the biggest time of the year that nothing comes remotely close to. Granted, there is GDC similarly to how there is Survivor Series for the WWE fans, but they aren’t E3. For us Nintendo lovers, fanboys, fangirls, and any other title you want to give yourself – this is the pinnacle of the year.

E3 isn’t just a press conference, I mean seriously – unless you happen to be a business and politics enthusiast – press conferences tend to be plain boring. E3 isn’t just a press conference though, it’s a presentation. It’s a revealing, a detailing, an expansion, a comedy act and so much more.

E3 is where games and consoles are revealed to the world. Where reveals can make or break the build up to release. Where all of the Nintendo legends gather together in one place to shower us with demonstrations, acts, epic quotes, trailers, and for those lucky enough to be in the audience (coughAlexPlantcough) hands on demos and even interviews with Nintendo staff members.

Yes folks, for us Nintendo gaming fans, and especially those of us who run Nintendo fansites, this is the pinnacle of our year. This E3 even more than any before is one exciting time. Nintendo dominated the show last year, but somehow they always manage to outdo themselves. With what we’ve heard, this year should be no exception.

This is an exciting time, and is even moreso than ever before because for the first time we can cast aside our label of “guys who run a fansite” and replace it with phrases such as “the media”, “the press”, or “journalists” – as this year we bring you extensive coverage of E3 first hand, straight from the live conference and on the show floor. Without any shadow of a doubt, Nintendo’s E3 conference is the highlight of the year for Nintendo gamers, and as a Nintendo gamer, days don’t come better than this.

What about you? Where does E3 rank on your list of favorite days of the year? Let us know in the comments below.

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