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Top Ten Nintendo E3 Moments

Our countdown to E3 continues, and with only 14 days to go, today’s feature is my 10 favorite moments from Nintendo at E3. It has been hard for me to narrow it down to just ten, so don’t think of it as a definitive “top ten”.

I am sure we would all agree that some great moments didn’t make it – such as the reveal of Mario Galaxy 2 for example, or Reggie’s classic adding “2” to the “mix” of numbers, or Reggie making fun of Sony for being slow to get the PSP to gamers in Europe. From the debuts of games, to epic quotes, or random acts, Nintendo has had heaps of classic moments in their past at E3, so enjoy my personal 10 favorite.

10: The Revolution Is Coming – Iwata (2004)

I don’t know about you, but whenever Iwata’s got something to say, I tend to think it’s always worth a listen. The man might be the closest anyone’s come to taking Solomon’s “wisest man ever” crown. Seriously though, I love this moment when Iwata somewhat announces the Wii, by saying it will bring a revolution.

This is one of his famous moments because it sums up Nintendo’s philosophy. Iwata says he won’t tell anyone the tech specs because they simply “don’t matter”. The “woooo” of the audience sums this up perfectly.

9: Kid Icarus Returns – Iwata (2010)

Some of us played Kid Icarus back many years ago, and others of us have been interested in the series since Pit’s appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. We had hope that Brawl. hinted that a new game was in development, but we never expected anything.

The fact we weren’t expecting anything is why the return of Kid Icarus at E3 last year was such an awesome moment. The boy even apologized for keeping us waiting, he’s such an angel.

8: My Body is Ready – Reggie (2007)

The famous internet sensation (internet meme) “my body is ready” all begun here, at E3 2007. The famous Reggie Fils-Aime shows off some features of the newly announced Wii Balance Board.

He even does some modeling for Miyamoto to demonstrate the measurement aspect of the then new hardware peripheral. The Reginnator is always prepared, and his body is always ready – “my body is Reggie.”

7: Wii Music Orchestra – Miyamoto (2006)

E3 2006 opened to Miyamoto walking on, waving around a Wii remote and dancing looking like a complete idiot. This was how Wii Music was introduced to the world, as Miyamoto conducted the Mii orchestra along to The Legend of Zelda theme.

Unexpected, random, dorky-looking – all of that combined with showing off a completely new game and what the Wii can do – you get my seventh favorite Nintendo E3 moment.

6: The DS Arrives – Reggie (2004)

Reggie sure has a way with words. He knows how to make announcements exciting. “The wait is over” – what a legend. Then there’s also Nintendo’s trademark move of pulling handheld consoles out of their inner jacket pockets in a swift movement.

Then there was the whole excitement of a new portable gaming console. It had a touchscreen and wireless capabilities. People wondered where there was to go after the Game Boy Advance, and the DS was the answer. Now it stands as the best portable console of all time.

5: Sony and Microsoft Get Owned – Reggie (2005)

You know you’ve got a classic moment when the superior talk trash about the inferior, and its Reggie talking. When Reggie is talking, everything else is inferior, but it’s especially amusing when its Sony and Microsoft that he trash talks.

The best part is Sony can’t deny their desire to dominate portable storage mediums, and Microsoft can’t deny their desire to dominate operating systems. It’s a nice moment for Reggie to highlight that Nintendo is the unique, and focused company that solely cares for gaming, and nothing else.

4: The Revolution Arrives – Iwata (2005)

You wanted a Revolution – well, we’ve got one. Iwata’s just as good at announcements as Reggie. He knows how to make them exciting, and to pull a whole Wii console out of no-where, just like they always do with handhelds.

This was the first time we saw the Wii, which was then known as the revolution. Interesting that the first one was black, which has only been commercially released more recently. This is how you climax a revolution my friends.

3: The Debut of a Legend – Reggie (2004)

Some say that before the first day Chuck Norris created God. Others say that before the first day Steve Austin created God. Those of us who are more well informed know that before the first day Reggie created God.

The man is a legend, and who wouldn’t be with an introduction as epic as this? This was Reggie’s first appearance at E3 as the President of Nintendo of America, and he’s never looked back.

2: Reggie Gets Owned – Iwata (2005)

What’s better than Reggie’s debut and his quote about kickin’ ass? Well, a skinny, professional, Japanese businessman called Iwata responding to those remarks about how he can kick Reggie’s ass at Super Smash Bros.

This opening to E3 2005 ties back to 2004 nicely and was well worth a laugh. Nintendo knows how to entertain with some live comedy just as well as they know how to make games.

1: Twilight Princess Revealed – Reggie (2004)

This isn’t just Nintendo’s best E3 moment, it is the overall best moment ever at E3, ever in Nintendo’s history, ever in Zelda‘s history – and would I be crazy to say ever? This is how you build hype for a new game.

The crowd’s reaction always gives me goosebumps, and you can probably attribute it to the realistic graphics. Unfortunately many will say that the final game didn’t live up to this moment, but who cares. Twilight Princess is a great game, and this is the greatest of Nintendo’s E3 moments by far.

So what moments make your Top Ten list from Nintendo at E3? Maybe you tend to favor more of the classic stuff, like back in the ‘90s. Be sure to share your favorite moments in the comments below, and tell us what you think of mine. Here’s to hoping that E3 2011 is full of plenty more great Nintendo moments. Well, who needs to hope – we all know that it will be.

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