That's one bird I don't want to mess with!In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Heijari of Rovio, the studio that brought you Angry Birds, is “looking at every console” for the newest installment of Angry Birds.

“We really haven’t looked into the Wii U specifically yet – we haven’t announced anything for Nintendo consoles yet. But if you look at the control methods, if you look at the Wii U, I mean that’s a really, really natural match, so obviously we’re very interested in developing there as well,” Heijari or Rovio said to Eurogamer. ”[The 3DS is] a really really interesting platform. Many people doomed it outright as it being somehow gimmicky, but obviously the same thing as with the Wii U: if you look at the 3DS, Angry Birds games would make a perfect match there.”

Heijari went on about his ideas for the newest Angry Birds game, saying, “We’re looking at consoles and seeing how we can bring the current gameplay, the basic slingshot offering, into a really compelling and engaging title for the current consoles. There’s a good opportunity there to do a lot in terms of adding a lot of polish to the graphics and still you get high resolution, you get better frame-rates, you can really do physics-intensive stuff. You can still do the same sort of slingshot game and keep it really engaging and interesting and make it fresh again. And then doing different stuff with 3D graphics and looking at building completely different experiences with more storytelling and that kind of thing.”

Well, readers, I’m not entirely sure I would like to see Angry Birds on a console. In all honesty, it feels fine to just keep it as an app. After all, it just seems to me to be a game to play when you are bored or being in an awkward situation with a person and do not know how to start up a conversation. I really cannot see this game making it to a console and selling well, unless they change the entire idea of this game. What do you all think?

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