Here we go again, another Cosplay of the Week! I hope everyone has enjoyed the past Cosplay features, we’ve loved them here at Zelda Informer, and we can’t wait to find more amazing costumes to show you all in the future! This week we’ve got a great Shiek Cosplay by the ever creative Shauna Leva. This isn’t the typical Sheik from Ocarina of Time or Hyrule Warriors, but the character design created to match Twilight Princess Zelda in Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

I chose this particular design to write on because of the unique style, and Shauna displays Sheik’s character extremely well. She states, on her Sheik Cosplay Page, that her decision to Cosplay the Smash Bro’s Sheik was due to it being one of her favorite games. Shauna also mentions that it was a conscious decision to make sure she Cosplayed as a character who matches her own body type and personality, which I think works perfectly and definitely helps with her portrayal of Sheik’s character.

Despite running into a few issues on how to design the outfit without needing scissors to cut herself out, and finding the periwinkle lycra for Sheik’s outfit, Shauna pulled through with some amazing work in the end result. Not only is the design well thought out to match Zelda’s, but the execution of the construction of the outfit is well done.

Don’t forget to check out our mini gallery below, and be sure to have a look at more of Shauna’s work on her website: Shaunartcosplay.

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