Cosplay of the Week is back and this time ’round our chosen feature is a rather interesting Cosplay of our dearest Zora Princess: Ruto. Were you ever weirded out by how forward the young fishling was with our beloved hero? To be honest, I was slightly fearful of the costumes that might appear when searching for this weeks Cosplay of Ruto (I was worried we might all be scarred for life) but when I found Lexi’s sweet Cosplay I was quite intrigued.

Lexi Gilbert is a Cosplayer based in the United Kingdom and all her costumes are extremely creative. I’ve fallen in love with her Ruto costume and I hope you all do too. You can see the effort put into this costume, I mean, not only she she go ahead and paint her body green, but she also spent her spare time making the costume herself. The material flows beautifully, and it’s not “scaly” or flat coloured like I would expect from a Cosplay of the Zora Princess. You can check out her design process for this costume and what materials Lexi used by visiting her Facebook Page, along with many other Cosplays by this talented young lady. There are some images in the mini gallery below that show off the detail of this costume, and we’d love to hear what you guys think of it.

Lexi is not only on Facebook. You can find more of her work by visiting her Deviant Art profile and her website The Blue Girl.

Let us know what you think about this weeks Cosplay feature in the comments below, and don’t forget to tag your own Cosplay’s with #ZIcostume on Twitter so we can see them! Who would you like to see featured next?

Source: TheBlueGirl, Facebook and Deviant Art

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