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Link‘s faithful companion Navi from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, cosplayed by the lovely Jina D. This design and concept of the outfit was created by Jina and is beautifully crafted to bring Navi to life.

I chose to write about Navi and this particular cosplay concept, because Navi was always one of my favorite characters – albeit annoying at times. Jina’s design for Navi’s outfit just seems to fit the other designs of the fairies within the

Zelda series, but with a little bit more elegance. All the little details and the small gems to create the Triforce throughout the design really pulls the outfit together to help you distinguish who she is cosplaying and where she fits in. I chose these specific photos in the gallery below, because I felt that they really show the details that went into the costume to make it recognizable as Navi, but also a unique design concept of her.

Jina did a wonderful job putting together this concept that seems to just work for Navi, and she had help from fellow artists to fully bring the beloved fairy companion to life. The artist who helped Jina with the construction of Navi’s dress was

Steamtropolis. Idolatre clothing co. crafted Navi’s circlet/tiara out of worbla, which is beautifully designed to match with its Triforce center piece. In order to make Navi’s amazing wings Jina enlisted the help from Fancy Fairy Wings & Things! by custom commissioning them. Navi’s wig was beautifully styled by Michael Weigand of Cleverish the Salon, with Jina’s make up and bodyart by Nikki from Studio Facade.

There were many elements to bring this beautiful cosplay of Navi to life that we hope you enjoyed seeing this week. Don’t forget to check out our mini gallery below! Be sure to have a look at more of Jina’s Navi photos, and the respective photographers in her Navi Facebook album:

Jinda D.

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Source: Jina D

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