Usurper, usurper! This week’s wonderful Cosplay feature is by the lovely Melanie Colley (A.K.A. shinigami714 on deviantArt). The detail and personality put into this costume is superb! You can see the crazy side of Zant, and the costume is very true to form.

If you don’t know who Zant is: he is the Usurper King of the Twilight Realm featured in Twilight Princess and is an absolute mental case. But we love him all the same!

I was originally looking for a male Cosplayer for this specific character, but when I came across Melanie’s design I just had to show everyone how amazing it is. You can check out some images in the gallery below, and also view her other Cosplays via her deviantArt page.

What do you think of this Zant Cosplay? Also, don’t forget to tag your Cosplays with #zicosplay on Twitter!

Source: shinigami714 on deviantArt

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