Those of us who’ve played Majora’s Mask (original or 3D) will most likely have fallen in love with the adorable story of Anju and Kafei. Their side quest has been one of the most memorable parts of any Zelda game, and it has quite an awe-inducing ending. This weeks Cosplay is, of course, a little one of the young Kafei.

RikuAojama, of Deviant Art, has made quite a sweet little Kafei, so I’ve chosen her Cosplay to feature this week. It’s fairly simple, and with such little detail you can still see that her portrayal of Kafei is very innocent and thought out. She hasn’t just chucked together a bunch of clothes and yelled “hey, look! I’m Kafei!”.

This feature is only a short one, as RikuAojama only has 3 photo’s of her Cosplay, but you can certainly check out more of this lady’s Cosplays by clicking the link to her Deviant Art profile. So, check out her Cosplay of Kafei in the mini gallery below, and let us know what you think of this sweet Cosplay.

As always, if you have any particular Characters you’d like to see featured, comment below and also tag any of your own Cosplays on Twitter with #ZIcostume and @ZeldaInformer.

Source: RikuAomjama – Deviant Art

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