Cosplay of the Week: Ganon by jaredjlee

Cosplay of the Week is back and this time we are showing some love to the villians of Hyrule by featuring Ganon, from the original Legend of Zelda. This stunning original design Ganon was crafted by the talented jaredjlee of DeviantArt.

Jared had taken three days to completely build this cosplay, with a three hour nap in the middle. Regarding on how the cosplay was made Jared had this to say:

The head has a resin shell/helmet; light up eyes attached, movable jaw, and a electric fan system inside (noisy). The outter skin of the head is made of Smooth-on Dragon Skin Silicon. It was painted with Pycho paints. It has hair punched into it. The body is foam fabricated. I carved out hopolstrey foam , and detailed it with a burning tool. Then I coated it with latex, and painted it with latex mixed with acrylic paint. Half of it was painted by brush, and the rest air brush. The arms are mech extentions with foam covering it with working fingers. The feet are hooves, are made from EVA, and hoplstrey foam, and latex .The base they were built over are gallon buckets with nikes drilled to the top. The armor is made from EVA foam, and painted with acrylic paints.

A lot of detail and craftmanship had gone into this Ganon cosplay and it definitely shows. The finished product is simply amazing and incredibly detailed. Check out the minigallery below for a closer look at this villain brought to life.

Be sure to have a look at more of jaredjlee’s work in his DeviantArt gallery

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Source: jaredjlee

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