Link Fight a Stalfos in Skyward Sword

Skyward Sword seems to be getting “mixed” feelings these days, but lately the reports about the game seem to be contradicting each other. First up, we have this from Platform Nation:

When cell-shaded adult Link walked on the E3 stage last month, a barrage of sighs followed him out. Everyone (including myself) had such high expectations for the next Zelda and what was shown just didn’t justify it. Link may look slightly different, but the game defiantly did not. It was incredibly under-whelming, looked way too identical to its predecessors and as a result of this it received many “Most disappointing game of E3 awards” and the skeptical thoughts of gamers alike.

So it received a lot of disappointing awards at E3 right? That’s what they claim, and I am just too lazy to really do the research to see what exactly it did win. However, assuming this is true, apparently the “people who are buying the game” highly disagree. Don’t believe me?

This is the first month that announcments from E3 are included in the votes, as such there is now a 7th platform in the mix with the 3DS, as well as a number of newly announced titles for other platforms. With a lower turnout than usual as well as a new platform to choose from, all six older platforms saw a decrease from the previous month, the drop is relatively similar across the platforms, though Wii dropped the least and DS the most.

The Wii was the only platform this month with a game over 100 points, that being The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Wii games also took 2nd and 3rd place with what is the penultimate full month for Metroid: Other M, as well as the first month of Donkey Kong Country Returns which has an excellent first showing. Other E3 announcments Kirby’s Epic Yarn and Goldeneye 007 also did well and made the top 40.

This comes straight from VGChartz. What does this mean? Well, the 100 points is a positive, it is positioning, for the month of July, as being the most wanted game on the market. It not only took first place, it crushed the second place game. Skyward Sword is sitting at 131 points for the month, while the second place game, Metroid: Other M, is sitting at 93. As you can see, we have some conflicting reports. Skyward Sword was the most disappointing game at E3, yet it is also the most highly anticipated? I’ll let you guys try and sort this one out.

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