Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

Conduit 2 Debut Trailer

Conduit was the game back in 2009 that was suppose to finally get an online multiplayer experience for FPS players to work just right for the Wii. While it did do some great things, namely in almost nailing down the controls to perfection, it had a lot of issues. Cheaters ran rampant during multiplayer matches with little to no consequence, and as is usual for these sort of games the campaign was too short, with a really cliché story that just didn’t do it for most FPS players. Still, that didn’t stop them from trying to correct all the mistakes in the upcoming second installment, which after the first games release offers some promise of a future for FPS online multiplayer games becoming a staple on the Wii, and whatever Nintendo’s future console is. Between this and GoldenEye 007 both featuring supposedly rich online play, exclusively for the Wii, you have to be at least some what excited if you enjoy good FPS games on consoles.

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