Musician and composer Rozen is a well-respected member of the Zelda fan community, having produced several masterful rearrangements of classic Zelda tunes. As part of his prolific catalogue of work, Rozen has released two albums of Zelda music in the past year: Sins of Hyrule in December and Ballads of Hyrule in May. In what is come to be known as Hyrule series, each album explored a different aspect of The Legend of Zelda, with Sins focusing on dark and powerful themes (à la Ganon / Din) and Ballads focusing on thoughtful and contemplative themes (à la Zelda / Nayru).

Rozen recently sat down with the members of our very own Champions’ Cast to discuss his music, the Zelda series, and much more. During the interview, the composer confirmed that production has begun on a third entry in his Hyrule series. This new album will complete the trilogy started with Sins and Ballads, focusing on themes related to Link and Farore. This likely means that we can expect a collection of heroic or epic themes from Rozen’s next Hyrule release.

You can follow Zelda Dungeon for more information as it becomes available, and be sure to check out our conversation with Rozen on the latest episode of the Champions’ Cast.

You can hear more from Rozen at his official website and Bandcamp page.

Are you excited for Rozen’s next album? What music are you hoping to hear? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Zelda Dungeon (The Champions’ Cast)

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