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So to say it’s been a tad slow in the news realm is a bit of an understatement (The Haunted Majora’s Mask Cartridge not withstanding), but that hasn’t stopped our affiliates from spitting out a slew of unique content updates. Normally I like to highlight such updates individually, but today I bring them all together because we have reached a bunch of milestones thanks to all the viewers out there, and I would like to highlight the more important ones.

Before getting into the milestones, here are some updates from our local affiliates. For starters, Zelda Universe has released a new Podcast, courtesy of there ZUBC team. As some of you may recall, I use to be the news man for that segment, but due to some recent discussions, I have since retired my position and it is being handled now by Cody. You know, that guy who couldn’t shut up yesterday. In addition to that, both Zelda Dungeon and (also known as The Hidden Triforce) have released new articles. Zelda Dungeon’s The Mask, The Moon, and The Salesman takes a deeper look at two of the most mysterious figures in all of Zelda, The Happy Mask Salesman and Majora’s Mask.’s Returning to The Stone From Which Zelda Was Hewn talks about how Skyward Sword should return to its roots, ala The Legend of Zelda.

Over at Zelda Wiki,org they have reached the double digits in terms of Mastermind Sites. Two of our affiliates have joined the ranks, those being Zelda Temple and Link’s Hideaway. We are proud to have them along side us, and the rest of the masterminds, in support of the definitive Zelda resource on the net.

With all of that great stuff out of the way, lets take a dive into what I consider some astounding numbers. Since opening our doors on July 16th, 2006, none of us ever dreamed this site would be where it’s at today. With such humble beginnings it never really hits you how far you have come until you just glance at the numbers. Not everyone enjoys statistics, but when I see stuff like this I really begin to appreciate all the fans reading us even more.

Since January 1st, 2009, we have served over 1.5 Million viewers. That means in a mere 21 months, we have had roughly 71,000 unique viewers a month. Considering our relatively low hits per day until roughly august 2009, that still pans out to 2,380 viewers daily in just 21 months. Of course, during that time, we have shown enormous growth value. As an example: Today we have served 7,386 people, and the day isn’t over yet. With a present average of 4 to 5 thousand daily viewers, it really helps inspire our staff to try and bring you even better content, and coverage, then we have ever done before.

Often times, people look at those numbers and think “oh, most those hits must be one and done, such as from digg and the sorts”, but as the numbers show that simply isn’t true. Since January 1st, 2009, we have had 4.5 Million pageviews. That is just a tad over 3 pages viewed per person visiting us. That is indeed an amazing benchmark, and it shows that people don’t just come here to read one thing, they repeatedly come here for the copious amounts of varying Zelda related material we provide.

As an example, here are the top 10 most visited things on our site in the last two years:

That is a very nice variation in content views, wouldn’t you say so? We’re just happy people are really enjoying the product we provide. Of course, some of this is even shown in our social networking realm. We have almost achieved 1,000 fans on Facebook, and our YouTube Channel has passed 2,000 subscribers. Here is a bit of our most notable video content that we hope to continue to provide in the future:

Of course you can’t mention social networking without talking about our Twitter. It has almost reached 400 subscribers, which is pretty solid considering how little we have advertised it. As you can see, the past two years here at Zelda Informer have been a fun, and entertaining, ride. With man ups and downs, you guys, the fans, have stuck with us through it all. We are glad we provide a small bit of entertainment for those out there, and we really appreciate you.

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