Community Round Up Part 5

Some more interesting news has popped up at some of our various affiliates, and I’d like to do a round up of what’s going on. In fact, this seemingly has turned into a bi-weekly event (every two weeks or so). I’ll probably continue to do this so if you are an affiliate of Zelda Dungeon and ever want something posted here, just let me know.

Our friends at Legends and Adventure are holding a fan fiction contest, in which they are giving away prizes that add up to $100! The contest is simple, just type up a fan fiction that has some relation to the Zelda series and send it in. There is a 3000 word limit on stories though, so keep them short and sweet. There are three judges for the contest who will determine which sites get the award. First price is given a $60 Amazon gift card, with second getting a $30 card, and third getting a $10 card. For more information on the contest and how you can enter, check out the Legends and Adventure Contest Page.

We have recently added a brand new Zelda affiliate, Portal to Hyrule. They are a brand new Zelda website who are just now getting their feet wet in the community. Much of their site is still under heavy development but they have a nice, simple layout design as well as a small, but growing vBulletin forum.

We have also gathered quite a few new gaming sites to affiliate with. These sites include Ciel Network, Fire Emblem Empire, Forever Fantasy, Chocobo Heaven, Forgotten Memories, Rockman.exe HQ, Final Fantasy Rebirth, The Tanooki, Diablo 3 Blog and Call of Duty 4 Central. These sites cover a range of game franchises including Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, Mega Man, Kingdom Hearts, and more.

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