Community Round Up Part 4

A lot of stuff has been going on in the Zelda community outside of Zelda Dungeon in the past few weeks. Our friends over at Zelda Adventures have recently launched a brand new layout. It’s quite a step up from their previous layout and it is very crisp and clear. The webmaster at Zelda Adventures, Zeypherlink, used to be a moderator at the Zelda Dungeon forum community, so why not give him some support and check out the site.

Our affiliate, Zelda Universe, has also launched their highly anticipated new layout. It’s quite a graphical upgrade over any previous layout they have had. They’ve also taken the time to revamp quite a bit of their content. It looks rather nice and I highly suggest checking it out.

We have also gathered quite a few new affiliates in the last few weeks. These sites include, NintendoLand, Final Fantasy XIII, Sqaure Union, Fire Emblem Online, and Creative Uncut. They are all well developed sites and are all worth your time.

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