Community Round Up Part 3

I hope everybody out there in the US had a nice memorial day weekend. Even if you just sat home all day, that’s always better than going to school or work, right? I personally just was around the house for most the time as relatives came by the house. It was fun.

Not all of us were just relaxing over the weekend, our friends over at Zelda Capital have worked hard and just yesterday launched their new layout, version six. The layout has taken on a nice, clean green shade, which is a bit more pleasing to the eyes than their former layout. There is a wider content area which will give them more options for future content pages and guides. It really is pretty simple but very smooth. Be sure to check them out.

While we here at Zelda Dungeon were busy working out the final bugs on our new layout that launched a little over a week ago, another site launched a new layout as well, Zelda Temple. They’ve stuck to the green look that made up their previous layout, but have worked hard to make it more appealing. There is a basic two bar navigation in the layout that much like Zelda Capital, is quite simple, but very clean and smooth. There is also a new ‘Projects’ section at the top of the site, that headlines all the new material that they are working on. Be sure to check them out as well.

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