Community Competitions Month 3


Well, folks, it’s once again that time to congratulate all of our wonderful competitors in our forums’ Community Competitions! These themed competitions are hosted weekly by three of our forum members and test the skill of the competitors in three areas. The Graphics Community Competition (GCC), Random Drawing Contest (RDC), and Writing Community Competition (WCC) are still going strong and we get many of fantastic entries for each competition each month! They are all hosted in the Fan Works section of the forums and are stickied at the top each week. Register on our forums so you can participate! To enter, send a private message containing your entry to the coordinator of the competition.

Unfortunately, we have had to discontinue one of our competitions due to a lack of member interest. That competition is the Music Community Competition. So sorry for all of you who may have looked forward to hearing CannibalPieChan’s wonderful compositions. The newer Writing Community Competition is still going strong, however! Click Read More to see all of the entries we had this time around.

Graphics Community Competition

The Graphics Community Competition is the first of the three competitions, and all users may enter any image they have created with the use of a program such as GIMP or Photoshop to compete against others. The coordinator of this competition is the forum user Bigelover88. She receives and posts every entry for the GCC each week. Next week’s theme will be Pokémon, so get those entries in ASAP! Click the week to go to the thread on the forums where you can view all of the entries.

Week 1


Our winner for the first week of the GCC for the month of March was FierceDeity! Congratulations and awesome signature!


Week 2

Kingdom Hearts

With a Kingdom Hearts theme for Week 2 of March’s GCC, thunder-ocarina whipped out an awesome sig and took the title of winner.


Week 3

Free Theme

Yours truly won the competition for the third week of March’s GCC.

Fire Kirby

Week 4

Ocarina of Time

Unfortunately, we only got one entry for the final week of the GCC for this month. It was an excellent signature put together by our forum member SuperSilly! Nice job!


Random Drawing Contest

With many Zelda themes that are fun to work with, the Random Drawing Competition is hosted by our member Random Person. To submit an entry for our next theme, The Legend of Zelda: April Fool’s, send a private message to him on the forums!

Week 1

Security’s No Match for Link

The very first week of the RDC for this month turned out with LANZZ’s work on top. Congratulations, LANZZ!

Moblin Slayer

Week 2

Zelda Meets Anime/Manga

In this unique theme we had 3 entries and 2 winners! Our winners for the second week of March’s RDC were LANZZ (left) and Random Person (right).

One PieceDetective Conan

Week 3

If Link had a Car…

This comical theme that produced a number of entries featured BamaLynx as the winner!


Writing Community Competition

Moving onto the Writing Community Competition, which each week has a theme that the competitors must write a short entry about. The users can put their writing talent to work here and test it against the creativity of other authors. This competition is coordinated by Meego7. The next theme is The Legend of Zelda – April Fools, so get those entries in! We have a lot of talented people out there. The length maximum is 300 words and 100 is the minimum.

Week 1

Zelda Companions

Mr. Verto took the title as winner of the first Writing Community Competition for the month of March with his excellent piece.

“HEY! Listen! Midna.” said Navi “I heard Tael has a crush on Daphnes.
Midna giggled, she knew perfectly that Ezlo was going to be jealous; he adored Tael. Navi and Midna kept whispering making faces to Tael. Tael was not one to be played with, she got red of anger and charged at the blue fairy.

‘What are you saying!” jingled Tael with her bell voice “Are you making a rumor again!”

Midna and Navi were quite, they knew Tael was dangerous. Ezlo eavesdropping was excited; he loved to see Tael that way, so he came in.

“Relax” said Ezlo “Whatever they say you know it’s not true” Tael was at the edge “Just because Link like them better doesn’t mean they can do whatever they want!”

The room was silent, from Spirit Zelda to Daphness was stunned. An argue began; all companions fought saying their adventure with Link was more awesome than any other. Link stepped up, watched and opened the door and left with a yellow sphere of light.

Everyone stared; who was that with Link?

“Hyaaa” shouted Link and left.

“Who is that?” asked Ezlo. Everyone kept silence. “I guess she is new?” added Ezlo.
“WATCH OUT, HEY, LISTEN she is Ciela!” said Navi. Everyone nodded. “Of course, she is the companion nobody remembers.” said Midna

They all laughed and kept arguing

Week 2

Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks

A big hand goes out to Soldier of Link for submitting this awesome entry!

As night fell over the Great Sea, a young hero kept watch across the horizon. He was confused and disturbed. Could it really have been but a dream? Was this just a trick of that dastardly Ghost Ship?

He leaned up against the wooden railing and lay his head in his hands, content to let his mind rest as he listened to the push and pull of the ocean currents.

“Link.” The wood creaked under him as he spun around to see the pirate girl. She was clothed in a white robe, with a design on the hem that seemed to imitate the waves around them. “How long have you been awake?”

Link shrugged, and turned away from her. He’d much rather stare at the ocean for hours than face her questions.

The pirate girl walked up to the boy, trying to decipher the inscrutable look upon his face.

“Are you okay?” she persisted. Link looked at her and squinted. “It wasn’t a dream.”

“Don’t you think I know that? I was there. For the most part,” she joked. “Why does this bother you so much?”

He pondered his answer before saying anything. “Because, Tetra, they… They think I’m crazy. They think we imagined everything.”

Tetra looked at the boy with concern. “You know we didn’t imagine it. It was real. But why do you care what people think?” Link looked abashed, and turned his attention back to the ocean waves.

She slipped her hand into his. “It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.”

Link allowed himself a large grin. “You’re right. It only matters what you think.”

The two stood there, watching the magnificent sun begin to rise above the crashing waves. It was a gorgeous sight, and Link was content to remain there forever with his close friend.

Week 3

Zelda – Treasure

In this theme the winner was green goron! Congratulations on a very well-written piece, man!

The water splashed as the heavy boot stepped on the puddle. “Hey, you got me wet Link,” complained Kados. “Calm down Kados I thought you gorons weren’t bothered by a little bit of water. After all, you brag about being so strong,” “Haha, you’re histarical,” replied Kados in a sarcastic voice.

Kados thought back to why he was even here with Link. A while back gerudos attacked Kados’ small goron village and Link came and killed the gerudos. They showered him in gold and rupees but Link didn’t want a reward and went to set off to his next adventure. The more Kados thought about it the more it pained him because he begged Link to come with him.

Silence shadowered the cave and only an occasional remark by Link or a splash of water broke it. Kados asked Link,”I knew we shouldn’t have came here. I can’t believe we’re here just because the old geezer on Windfall Island told us treasure was in this cave. Weeks of climbing and fighting threw enemies for this. To die alone.”

A flash of armor was quickly seen by Kados and he shoved Link to the ground as a blade narrowly missed them. They got up and dusted themselves off. Link pulled out his sword and performed a series of flips and turns making his way to the rear of the darknut and slashed his armor off and with one blow killed him.

They made their way up to a pedestal with a chest in the center. Link slowly opened it and it was filled with rupees, gold, armor, and all the riches both of them dreamed of. A crumble came from above and a gaint rock rolled towards them. “Well Kados it’s off to another adventure.”

Week 4

Zelda Children

Congratulations to Meego7 herself for a fabulous entry for the final week of March’s WCC!

Young Princess Zelda had managed to escape from the castle, she wandered through the lonely forest. “HYAAAAA!” Came a loud voice. Princess Zelda squealed and lurched backwards. “Who is it?! Don’t come near me whatever you are!” Zelda slowly stepped backwards and swiftly turned around as a voice came from behind her.

“Well excuuuuuuse me Prin-“
“Don’t say it.” She said, her hand hitting her face at the remark.
“Wow, I never knew Princess Zelda face palmed.” The small boy in green said.
“And I never knew Peter Pan lived in Hyrule.” She said, playfully.
“Hey! I AM NOT PETER PAAANN….I am Link.” Link said, angrily at first.
“Nice to meet you, Link.” Said Zelda, suddenly more friendly. Link bowed.
“Your highne-“
“Don’t call me that.”
“Miss?” He said.
“Just call me Zelda.”

“Zelda.” Link said, smiling. “Nice to meet you. Right now I am training to be a big adventurer when I get bigger!” He said, beaming.
Zelda was intrigued. She looked at his sword. “Cool.” She said. Link stepped back and swung hard at a nearby tree, slicing it. It was a bit wonky but Zelda was still impressed. “Wow! My go! My go!” She squealed, grabbing the sword.

She took aim and swung. Missed. “Look, you have to hold it like this…” Link said. He held Zelda’s hand on the sword and showed her how to swing properly. It was so much fun and after that they got chatting. They sat in the forest, laughing and talking. Then they went on an adventure of their own and climbed all the trees and rocks, like elves. As Link helped Zelda through forest they only became better friends.

Zelda felt she shared a bond with Link, the forest boy she’d met.

Nothing could come of this…could it?

That’s all for this month, folks! Be sure to register on our forums and participate in these competitions! We are always looking for more people to enter, so the more the merrier!

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