The king of Hyrule has been murdered! And the killer is still at large! Only one hero has the wisdom, courage, and gumption to piece the clues together and uncover the secrets behind this ill-fated mystery.

After a banquet at Hyrule Castle ends with the kingdom’s monarch meeting his untimely demise, Link is called in to investigate. Handed a list of six diverse suspects, our green-hatted gumshoe must discover evidence, interview subjects, and build conclusions on the true nature of the crime. But as with any suspenseful caper, lies are everywhere and nothing is as it seems.

Join us right here from October 26th to October 31st, as we spin a tale of deception and distrust, of twists and revelations. Each night leading up to Halloween, we will reveal another harrowing chapter of the story. And as Link uncovers more information and narrows down the suspect list, you’ll be able vote on who you think the true murderer is.

The investigation begins next week. Don’t miss your chance to join the case.

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