Lore and world-building are essential parts to open world games. Breath of the Wild is no exception to this, and the world’s structure and design choices explore it very well. In a series called Links to the Past, YouTuber Zeltik walks viewers through the events preceding the game’s playable section. He explains the importance of the Akkala Citadel and the fall of Hyrule, and explains the strategic importance of the location as well as its many fortifications. He also explains likely battle strategies that would have been employed by the Hylians, and also explains why the Citadel eventually fell.

This video is wonderfully done. I love lore tours and world building, and I especially love the fact that Zeltik went around the Citadel and pointed out the cannons to present a theory regarding the destroyed bridge. Every detail adds to the game’s lore for me.

What did you think of this lore tour? Are there any locations you’re curious about in Breath of the Wild? Let us know down below.

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