Free running, also known as parkour, has gained quite a bit of popularity in gaming over the years, and Breath of the Wild especially has made great use of it. Being able to scale practically anything makes for easy traversal of the game’s massive overworld. And with YouTuber Ronnie Street Runs, that same parkour has been brought to life. Decked out in Link’s Champion Tunic and even sporting a nice looking Sheikah Slate, this free run video shows several real world locations as the epic stunts are performed.

Personally speaking, I found the use of Navi and Link to the Past music to be contrasting. It really clashes with the Breath of the Wild cosplay. However, the actual parkour and the editing on the video are top notch. I particularly like the POV running sequence towards the end.

What do you think of the parkour? Let us know down below!

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