Come join us for a live stream of Phantom Hourglass, taking place tomorrow, Friday March 23rd, at 12pm Central Time. We will be streaming live on our Twitch Channel and should be streaming for the bulk of the day. The goal is to attempt to do a 100% completion of Phantom Hourglass in a single sitting. For those that have done this on your own before, you will know that a bulk of this comes down to the randomness factors of acquiring the various Ship Parts.

We will have commentary from a variety of team members throughout the stream and it is sure to be a fun time as we engage with the chat. We hope to see many of you tomorrow at 12pm or at some point throughout the day. I expect the stream to go on for at least 10-hours, so there should be plenty of time to tune on.

Be sure to check out the Zelda Dungeon Twitch Channel

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